Children’s Parties



From the bubbly pre-school tot to the ‘cool for skool’ teenager, we can deliver the perfect children’s party. A mixture of good music, relevant to the various age ranges, as well as party games and interactive fun, you can’t go wrong with Cheezee Choonz. The name says it all! Tell you what, ask your kid if they like any of the following:

  • Dropping to the floor, standing still for 10 seconds or watching wrapping paper pass by?
  • Doing it Gangnam Style, annoying the music man or moving like Jagger?
  • Being silly and having a laugh or playing it cool and having a sulk?

If the answer to any of the above is yes….

Party Games & Competitions

A good game breaks up the dancing. Everyone – adults included – likes a game, having fun, winning…and crying when they’re eliminated. The difference is that the younger they are, the less fazed they are.

For the younger ones – musical bumps, musical statues, pass the parcel and more.

For the older (and cooler) ones – arches, spin the bottle, dance off and more.

“For several years now Cheezee Choonz has been our interactive disco at HarperCollins Christmas Children’s Party. The children are entertained and remember year on year that Cheezee will be there to ensure a good time. He gets all the children involved in the various dance competitions. Most enjoyable. We hope to see him again this Christmas” 

Heather Gallacher, HarperCollins Publishers

“We hired Barry & Cheezee Choonz for our daughter Hannah’s 6th birthday party. We all thought he was fantastic and everyone, kids and adults alike had an amazing time. His help and professionalism in the organising and running of a great party all led to Hannah having a great day.”

Gwyneth Thompson, February 2012